Harries Commission launches inquiry 

The Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement (the Harries Commission) has launched an inquiry into the impacts of the Lobbying Act on democracy and civil society. The Commission is consulting NGOs and other stakeholders. Consultation details are here and affected organisations are encouraged to submit information about their experiences by 9am on Wednesday 10 September.

The Commission is due to publish an interim report of findings ahead of the regulated period starting on 19 September.

Lord Harries of Pentregarth said:

  • “The Lobbying Act is widely criticised despite some important changes to the law achieved in Parliament.
  •  ”I remain concerned that it could limit the ability of charities and campaign groups to speak out on controversial issues ahead of elections.
  •  ”Democracy relies on the electorate hearing a range of views – not just those of politicians.
  •  ”Our inquiry will report on evidence about the impact of the new law on charities and democracy.”
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